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Vietnam always corporate and support model of SOS Children’s Villages International
03:51 PM 2018-01-12
(LĐXH) On January 9th 2018, at the Government Headquarters, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam had a meeting with the representatives of the SOS Children's Villages International, incumbent President Siddahartha Kaul and Mr.Helmut Kutin, the Honorary President of SOS Children’s Village. They are on working trip to Vietnam on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of SOS Children's Village.
Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam warmly welcomed the representatives of SOS Children's Villages International
Welcome the delegation to Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam appreciated the corporation and sponsorship of SOS Children’s Villages International in caring, nurturing and education of children and different circumstances in Vietnam.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of  SOS Children’s Village International, Deputy Prime Minister sincerely thanked Mr.Siddahartha Kaul, Mr.Helmut Kutin, leaders and all the staffs of SOS Children’s Village International for their contribution in the development of SOS Children’s Village Vietnam. He also sent his gratitude to donors from all over the world for their donation in raising orphans in Vietnam for the past 30 years. At present, SOS Children's Village Vietnam has rapidly grown and ranked third in 135 countries and territories with activities of SOS Children's Village, after India and Brazil.
Deputy Minister and President of SOS Children's Villages International discussed about the operation of children's villages in Vietnam
“Vietnam always support the operation of SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam and create favorable conditions to implement all activities….”, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said.
After 30 years of operation (1987 – 2017), SOS Children’s Villages International has sponsored Vietnam nearly 120 million USD. The number of mothers, aunts, staff, teachers and staff working in SOS Children's Village is 1,300 people. Besides SOS Children’s Village as main project, there are community-based family strengthening programs to prevent abandonment of children and support projects such as kindergarten, Hermann Gmeiner School, vocational training establishments ... Currently, 17 provinces and cities in Vietnam have received funding from SOS Children's Villages International. Nearly 6,000 children have been raised in SOS Children's Villages, of which 2000 children have integrated with the community. More than 3,000 children are being raised at SOS Children's Villages. About 70% of the children after leaving SOS Children’s Village are professionally trained at different levels.
Given the need for a new approach in coordinating the two sides for the upcoming projects, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam proposed that the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs should plan to gradually increase the contribution of the Vietnam from different resources such as donors, businesses and communities. With regard to projects to prevent abandonment of children, skills education for children of SOS Children's Villages, he said that he would work with relevant ministries and agencies to review and evaluate programs which support and take care of children with disadvantages, in order to make suitable change and create better condition for children raised in family and community.
Deputy Prime Minister and leaders of MOLISA took photos with incumbent President and Honorary President of SOS Children’s Village International
Previously, in the morning, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs held the 30th Anniversary of building and developing the SOS Children Village in Vietnam and rewarded the First Class Labor Medal. This is recognition of the contributions of the SOS Children's Villages International and Vietnam in caring for and nurturing disadvantaged children in Viet Nam in the alternative family model. Four principles of SOS Children's Village International are mother, brother-sister, house and village community.
Nguyen Dang Doanh
Translated into English by Minh Ngoc