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Preparing a high-quality labour force to meet the foreign labour market
09:25 AM 2023-01-30
(LĐXH)- In 2023, sending workers to work abroad is considered one of the key tasks of the labour-invalids and social affairs sector.
Despite facing many difficulties in 2022, the whole country sent 142,779 labourers to work abroad (including 48,835 female workers), far exceeding the set target, reaching 158.64% of the plan assigned (90,000 employees) and equal to 316.87% of the number of migrant workers in 2021 (45,058 employees).
In which, some traditional and key labour receiving markets showed signs of improvement, such as: Japan: 67,295 workers (29,741 women); Taiwan (China): 58,598 workers (17,689 women); South Korea: 9,968 workers (454 women)…
Director of the Department of Overseas Labour (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs) Tong Hai Nam said, the Department will focus on implementing key tasks and solutions, striving to successfully complete the planned tasks assigned by the Government and the Ministry to send 110,000 Vietnamese workers to work abroad.
In particular, focus on high-income, stable markets.
“Along with that, we continue to maintain the traditional labour receiving markets, expand to gradually increase the number of Vietnamese workers to work in a number of European countries in new occupations with new jobs and stable and high income” – he added./.
Hong Minh