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Opportunities for over 12,000 Vietnamese workers to work in South Korea
03:37 PM 2023-03-22
(LĐXH)- The Centre for Overseas Labour under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) has announced a plan to select around 12,000 Vietnamese people to work in South Korea under the country’s Employment Permit System (EPS).
The plan aims to implement an MoU on the EPS program signed between MoLISA and the South Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour on Vietnamese workers going to South Korea.
The demand for Vietnamese guest workers in South Korea varies in each industry, with some 6,300 people for the manufacturing sector, 4,000 for the fishery sector, 901 for construction and 841 for agriculture.
Employees who register to participate in the EPS program will have to participate in 2 rounds of exams, including the first round of the EPS - TOPIK Korean language test and the second round of skills testing and capacity assessment.
Only those who pass the first round will be able to participate in the second round.
Employees who pass both exams are eligible to apply to work in South Korea under the EPS program.
Registration period is from 20 to 24 March. Round 1 exam (expected) from 8 to 26 May. Announcement of results on 5 June 2023.
Labourers must be aged from 18 to 39, with no criminal record and no previous deportation from South Korea. They must not be prohibited from exiting Vietnam and have no family members living illegally in South Korea.
Workers who have worked in South Korea under EPS must leave on time according to the contract…
Vietnam sent nearly 9,000 workers to South Korea under the EPS program last year, out of 70,000 workers from 16 selected countries, according to MoLISA./.
By Hong Minh