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MAG safely destroyed 500lb bomb in Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province
06:24 PM 2017-07-14
On 12 July 2017, MAG safely removed and destroyed a 500lb MK82 bomb (227kg) which contained almost 90kg of explosives from a paddy field in Hai Hoa village, Linh Hai commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri.
JCB excavator was used for digging to find the bomb
The bomb was manufactured in United States and used in Vietnam War. Being located just 95m away from residential area, the bomb posed a huge threat to local people. The deadly item was found by local people and reported to local authority. MAG was then requested by local authority to deal with the bomb.
MAG technician used Large loop detector to search and find the bomb
The huge bomb lied upright at the depth of 5.5m underground where the soil contained different types of hard rocks and water. MAG used JCB excavator and larger excavator for digging to find the bomb.
 The bomb was loaded onto the ground
Within the morning, MAG safely removed the bomb and loaded it onto the vehicle for transporting it to the controlled demolition site in Trieu Son commune, Trieu Phong district. The bomb was later safely disposed of.
 Demolition of MK 82 bomb
And Crater after demolition
Trang Nhung