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Looking back 10 years of implementing the sustainable poverty reduction goal
09:46 AM 2021-02-22
(LĐXH)- Over the past years, along with socio-economic development, poverty reduction has always been one of the major and cross-cutting goals, which has been concerned by the Party and State.
Looking back the past 10 years (2011-2020), the work of poverty reduction has achieved many positive and outstanding results.

The system of poverty reduction mechanisms and policies has been issued and implemented synchronously in the fields of health, education, housing, preferential credit, electricity bill support, production development, and jobs, supporting for investment in infrastructure....
Mechanisms and policies have been reviewed, amended and supplemented in the direction of gradually reducing direct and free support policies, increasing conditional support for poor households to get out of poverty sustainably; along with promoting the role of communities, encouraging sustainable poverty reduction initiatives proposed and implemented by communities, especially in mountainous and ethnic minority areas.
In particular, in 2015, Vietnam changed its approach to measuring poverty from unidimensional to multidimensional, with the goal of not only ensuring minimum income but also helping to improve the accessibility of the poor for basic social services in health, education, housing, clean water and sanitation, and information.
The results of implementing the poverty reduction goals and targets have all met and exceeded the targets set by the National Assembly and the Government.
Vietnam has completed the millennium goal of poverty reduction 10 years ago and is considered by the international community as an effective poverty reduction model.
Along with that, income and living standards of the poor, people in poor areas and extremely difficult areas have been improved.
Essential socio-economic infrastructure, linkage of poor areas are prioritized for investment. Many poor areas have made efforts to escape poverty and exceptionally difficult situations.
Up to now, 100% of communes have roads for cars to the center; 99% of commune centers and 80% of villages have electricity; 65% of communes have a small irrigation system that meets the requirements of production and life; 80% of villages have roads for motor vehicles; over 50% of communes have standard medical stations; 100% of the poor, ethnic minorities are supported to buy health insurance for free.
By the end of 2020, more than 32 districts, over 650 communes and 1,200 villages have escaped from extremely difficult situations.
It can be said that the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction has brought into play the synergy of the entire political system in the implementation of poverty reduction goals, ensuring the poor participate and enjoy the nation’s economy development achievements.
The emulation movement "The whole country joins hands for the poor - Don't let anyone be left behind" launched by the Prime Minister has been widely deployed which has brought about practical results./.
Hong Minh