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Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh receives Vice General Director of LG Display Vietnam
10:04 AM 2023-02-24
(LĐXH)- On February 22, at the Ministry’s Head office, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh had a cordial meeting with Mr. Park Young Dall, Vice General Director of LG Display Vietnam. Attending the meeting were Leaders from the units under the Ministry.
At the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh said that LG Display company has invested in Vietnam since 2016 in Hai Phong Province, and the Company has had a strong development.
According to the Deputy Minister, the development of LG Display company has provided various electronic products to Vietnam’s market, as well as contributed to the socio-economic development of Vietnam in general and Hai Phong in particular.
Moreover, the company also contribute to creating jobs for Vietnamese labourers, helping them have more knowledge, and skill in technology, electronics. 
The Deputy Minister shared that, Vietnam is a developing country and towards becoming an industrial country in the forthcoming time. In addition, Vietnam is continuing to improve the investment environment and reform administrative procedures to create the most favorable conditions for foreign investors to do business.
The quality of skilled Vietnam's human resources is getting higher and higher; Vietnam's infrastructure system is increasingly developed, the national planning, the planning of industrial zones throughout the country is gradually being completed; a system of highways, such as the North-South Expressway, the Coastal Expressway, and the East-West axis highway, have gradually been shaped.
"With such an increasingly modern and synchronous infrastructure, cultural exchanges and business transactions between regions are increasingly convenient, making it easier for businesses to invest" - Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh affirmed.
At the meeting, Mr. Park Young Dall Vice General Director of Administration and Human Resources of LG Display Vietnam Company thanked the Deputy Minister for the warm welcome.
Mr. Park Young Dall shared, currently, LG Display has invested 6 billion USD in Hai Phong and has 25,000 staff and employees working at the factory. During the process of investing and working in Hai Phong, LG Display has received a lot of support from the Government and Hai Phong city in recruiting workers and arranging infrastructure for the factory to operate smoothly.
LG Display has a 45-hectare factory in Hai Phong and the company is planning to expand further, therefore, LG Display has a great demand for labour resources, especially high-quality engineers. In the coming time, LG Display hopes the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs to pay more attention in order to the company's production and business activities have more convenience", said Mr. Park Young Dall.
Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh affirmed that every year, Vietnam enrolls and trains about 2 million students and the quality of training is increasingly improved. Therefore, it is completely possible to meet the recruitment demand of LG Display in the near future.
However, the Deputy Minister also suggested that, in parallel with the expansion of production scale, LG Display should ensure enough jobs and income for workers. At the same time, once the labour force has been recruited, LG Display needs to continue to train and improve the knowledge and skills of Vietnamese workers./.