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Vietnam sent over 1,100 workers abroad in 2021
08:47 AM 2022-01-01
(LĐXH)- According to Colab’s Deputy Director Pham Ngoc Lan, the centre has been implementing 5 programmes to send Vietnamese workers abroad to four markets, namely the RoK, Japan, Germany and Taiwan (China).
Facing the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam and the world, the Centre has actively followed the situation, closely coordinated with partners and related agencies to well implement the recruitment, training and support employees in the new situation.
Up to now, the dispatching of workers has been done well.
No Vietnamese workers have been found to have contracted the disease upon entry or during the quarantine period after entry.
With efforts and overcoming difficulties, in 2021, Colab sent 959 workers to work in Korea; 85 to Japan and 70 nurses to Germany./.
Hong Minh