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Positive signs for workers working abroad in 2023
02:36 PM 2023-06-07
(LĐXH)- In the first 5 months of 2023, the number of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad under contracts has exceeded 59,000 people, reaching about 54% of the year plan. This figure shows a positive sign from the overseas employment sector.
Among these, there are 20,585 female employees, accounting for nearly 35%. The goal set this year is to send 110,000 laborers to work abroad under contracts.
Specifically, Japan is the leading labor market attracting Vietnamese workers, with 28,513 employees; next is Taiwan (China): 26,201 employees, South Korea: 1,210 employees, China: 729 employees.
Previously, according to data from businesses, the total number of workers going to work abroad in May 2023 reached more than 9,700 people.
In 2022, there were 142 thousand workers going to work abroad under contracts, mainly focusing on the markets of Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan. Recently, Vietnam is piloting sending workers to work abroad under contracts in some developed countries such as 6 countries in the European region.
Regarding the current average income of workers, there are only 3 countries with higher income, namely Germany (about 2,500 EUR), South Korea (about 1,800 USD), Japan (about 1,500 USD).
On average, the income of workers is about 600 to 700 USD/month. Regarding the quality of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad, in general, Vietnamese workers are assessed by the receiving countries as having good basic skills, good sense of responsibility, good professional skills; more importantly, the work performance is also good./.
 By Hong Minh