English Review
Hoang Su Phi district strives for sustainable poverty reduction
03:10 PM 2019-02-26
(LĐXH)- Implementing the National Target Program on sustainable poverty reduction, in the past years Hoang Su Phi district (Ha Giang province) has focused on directing and implementing drastically, thereby creating a positive change in material and the spirit life of the people.
Mr. Le Ba Hong, Deputy Head of District Agriculture and Rural Development Department said: In recent years, lending activities to poor and near-poor households in the district always receive the attention and guidance of authorities at all levels, the coordination of sectors and unions. So it has created favorable conditions for the poor to access preferential capital sources for production development, improving their incomes and lives. Besides, the district has promoted activities to guide people to produce, select suitable plants and animals for economic development; also to apply science and technology to enhance the value of plants and animals.
Last year, the total capital of Program 135 and 30a implemented in Hoang Su Phi district was over VND 9.3 billion to support fruit varieties, tea cultivation, soybean and hybrid rice varieties; support production development, diversify livelihoods and replicate poverty reduction models in extremely difficult villages and communes. According to statistics, the capital sources are being implemented in the form of investment with recovery and reinvestment in the district until now with over 7.2 billion VND.
"In 2018, Chien Pho commune received VND 195 million from the Program 135 and 52 households were supported with the amount of VND 3.7 million/household to buy versatile grass mower. It helped households save time and effort in weeding, preparing cultivated land, minimizing the use of herbicides”- Chairman of Chien Pho People's Committee Lu Seo Seng said.
In order to improve the effectiveness of poverty reduction, in the future, Hoang Su Phi district concentrates prioritize the allocation of funds to support production and increase incomes for the poor; continue to build and replicate poverty reduction models; integrate policies, programs and projects to implement the poverty reduction program.
It is believed that in the future, the district's poverty reduction will continue to achieve many positive results./.