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Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh received the delegation of Manpower Group
08:46 AM 2022-06-16
(LĐXH)- MoLISA Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh on June 15 had a meeting with the delegation of Manpower Group led by Mr. Simon Matthews, General Director of Manpower Group in Vietnam, Thailand and the Middle East. General Director of Manpower Vietnam Corporation Andree Mangels also attended the meeting.
Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh and leaders of Manpower Group take souvenir photos
Reviewing the cooperation relationship between MoLISA and Manpower Corporation, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh affirmed that, with 14 years of cooperation and 5 signed memorandums of understanding, the Group has helped Vietnam to implement many activities, such as consulting for training and developing the labour market; connecting labour supply and demand; soft skills training...
In addition, Manpower Group has also supported the development of Vietnamese children in building libraries for children.
"These activities contribute to supporting Vietnam's labour and employment policies", emphasized Deputy Minister.
The Deputy Minister said that the potential for cooperation between MoLISA and Manpower Group is still very large.
He hoped that Manpower Group would continue to cooperate, advise and provide reference information for Vietnam to amend and supplement the Employment Law in the near future.
Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh suggested that in the future, the two sides will cooperate more closely in the MoLISA’s  interest areas and Manpower Group's ability.
Mr. Simon Matthews said that Vietnam's achievements have helped the country become a very potential growth market and an ideal destination for foreign investors.
He pledged that Manpower Group would invest more in Vietnam. This is the reason why the Group decided to appoint its own General Director in Vietnam, Mr. Andree Mangels.
Meanwhile, Mr. Andree Mangels, General Director of Manpower Group Vietnam said that the good relationship between Manpower Group and MoLISA is a great motivation for him personally, and he is very pleased with this cooperation./.
By Hong Minh